Why I’m starting this blog

Bamboo is an incredible plant.  It has so many uses that it would be simpler to list the things that one can’t do with bamboo rather than what can be done with it.  Without wanting to provoke the ire of the many fans of hemp and other great plants, I personally believe that there is no plant that can compare to bamboo’s amazing utility and versatility, both in its myriad of uses and its ability to grow across a wide range of conditions.

I believe that bamboo deserves our respect.  It bothers me when I witness or hear stories of its misuse through inappropriate planting.  It annoys me when I hear it said that bamboo is a weed: after all, what is a weed other than a plant that is growing where someone doesn’t want it to grow?  More often than not if a bamboo is growing where it is not wanted it is because a person lacking in bamboo knowledge has unwittingly planted it there.  With a modicum of prior thought combined with the application of some knowledge and experience of bamboo growth habits, the frequency of occurrence of this situation can be greatly reduced.

I have started this blog because I am in awe of bamboo and have great respect for it.  (In fact, I will go one step further and say that I love bamboo!)  I would really like to see it more widely utilised but, at the very least, I would like to see bamboo planted more appropriately.  If this could be achieved then perhaps down the track a few years there would be far fewer people claiming that bamboo is ‘just a weed’ based on their own thoroughly preventable, bad bamboo experience.  I intend to write about aspects of bamboo in such a way as to shed some light on the seemingly darker areas of its culture, particularly in relation to the sandy soils and Mediterranean climate of Perth and the Swan Coastal Plain.